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 Interactive, Web-Based Educational Platform                                    Imbedded live video        

 Accessible anywhere, anytime                                                            Testing capabilities leading to certification

 Advanced real-time, tracking, measuring, and monitoring               Short, dynamic modules          

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Sell Value, Not Price!
Sell Value, Not Price!
This course is about value! How to define it through the customers eyes; how to present it; how to sell it at high margins; and how to build relationships as you do!

I. Mastering the Head Game

II. Blueprint for Sales Success

III. Understanding Your Customer

IV. Securing & Growing the Business

Mastering Negotiation Strategies
Mastering Negotiation Strategies
How to avoid "Negotiaphobia," improve your negotiation skills; and craft strategies for positive results and maximum profits!

I. Living your BEST Life with Better Negotiations

II. The Anatomy of Negotiations

III. Winning vs Whining: Win-Lose Competitive Negotiation Tactics

IV. Mastering Collaboration
Leading and Managing
Leading and Managing for Performance and Prosperity
Learn the difference between leadership and management and how to maximize team performance. Master the tactics for coaching each report for best results.

I.The Leadership Overview

II. Leadership Strategies

III. Management Style and Approach

IV. Managing for Results

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